Here at we fix broken websites, we build new websites and we help those websites gain search prominence through our social media services. In the past few months we have built quite a few new websites for the good business people of Vero Beach and Sebastian Florida.

Cinderella Carriage Belgian AcresOne site which has just been completed is for Dr. Melissa Dean who also owns a horse and carriage operation, Belgian Acres,  here in Vero Beach.  She recently purchased a beautiful Cinderella Carriage and she is offering out this special carriage for weddings, birthday parties, charity events, parades and such. Her horses are magnificent Clydesdales and Belgians. Take a look at her site:

We have another site we are very excited about, it’s for an amazing young man, Captain Ryan Dean. Ryan served his country and was wounded in the line of duty. He is a was vet and our hero. Captain Ryan grew up fishing in the local waters here in the Vero Beach and Sebastian area of Florida. Time after time we hear good things about taking a fishing trip or just an excursion with Captain Ryan. My own brother in law, Thomas Halverson, came into town in February and I sent him out fishing with the Captain. Not only did they have a great time, because Tom hadn’t been out on the water in some time, Capt. Ryan was very careful to make certain that Tom was comfortable. Sometimes the waves can get pretty intense as you head in to the deeper water. Fishing was important, but having a comfortable, enjoyable experience is sometimes more important and he knew that.
Final Pt Charters, Sebastian InletThe name of his fishing charter business is Final Point Charters, the new website that is still a work in progress is
Go take a look, leave him a comment, and tell him we sent you.
We will post out links to some of the other great sties we are building later this month.
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