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I am in a great BNI group, and most of my BNI team members have heard my pitch for well over a year now. I tell them every week some version of this, Bill Fletcher at builds gorgeous, high-functioning websites. They are beautifully designed, but they also take into account the look and feel that the end-user wants. They are for the most part SEO optimized and they perform well in the search engines.

I would love to say that because of all these features he builds into the sites they will rise to the top of Google and stay there forever. But it just ain’t so. The search engines, Google, in particular, pay attention to how much effort you put into your web presence. If you aren’t also promoting your site with a blog and the various social media outlets, they lower your search rankings. I don’t think most people understand that no matter how good a business yours is if you do nothing to establish a strong web presence, it is going to be difficult for people to find your business on the internet.

I am lucky that most of my fellow BNI members are “getting it”, and they have built Facebook Pages, gone on, and signed up on LinkedIn, and they now have a Google + presence. I have LIKED their pages, and I promote their Facebook and LinkedIn posts at no cost, I am proud to know they are listening to my advice. There is just one more thing I want to let them know.

The very best way to gather Google juice on the web is to do this:

Post your activities and your business advice on YOUR BLOG

Put a link to that post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest if applicable.

Share your blog post on your personal Facebook page as well.

That is the most bang for your buck method for sharing. Not only does posting to your blog, which is hopefully on your website, let Google know you are serious, but it causes activity on all of your other social media outlets when you push those posts out.

It’s killing three birds with one stone!! Only, please don’t tweet me about this, no actual birds were harmed in the making of this post.

If you are like several members of my BNI group, and Bill’s BNI group and all of these words sound like just so much gobbledygook, call me, and we can work out a price and a posting schedule that works for your budget!!

Over and out…

Social Cindy