Don't keep your company a secret.I must tell you that I think some of the best social content comes from within companies who do it themselves. I am out and about on the web day in and day out. As part of my job, I’ve followed sites that have social media people on staff. They understand how to use social media and know their audience. Over time they learn just what to share and when to share it in order to give potential customers a better vision of who they are as a company. Their engagement levels are high and they build a great following.

They will take photos and post them to Instagram and Pinterest, place those on their blog, and give their viewers an inside look at how the company runs, as well as give it a more human aspect. They pay attention to what their client base responds to. It helps to be an outgoing person, who doesn’t mind or even likes writing and spending hours a day combing the internet for interesting stories that pertain to your business, or to the keywords you want your site to be found for.

If doing social media in-house is such a good thing, who would hire Social Cindy? The kinds of companies we usually work for are those that understand the need for social media and know that they just don’t have the resources to hire someone within the company. Those people hire us and stick with us. Then are those who really do try to do it themselves. They have us set up their social media presence, train them on how to use everything, and for a month or so all is well. Their site starts to get noticed, they hit a busy spell, and the words “I will do it tomorrow” come out of their mouth. And then tomorrow is next week, and next week is next month.  More important projects are going to come up, and so blogging and social media are put on the back burner yet again. Unless a business owner makes it a priority it won’t get done unless you are devoted to your web presence. Those are the next set of people who will become our social Cindy customers.

A social media like Social Cindy can provide you with a consistent, persistent, and engaging social media presence. And folks, that is the only way it actually works. On the web, everything is cumulative. Web power builds over time, and the more you engage, the more power the search engines give you. You can’t be sporadic.

If you still want to do it yourself, hire us to train you to be your own social-media coach. We can check up on your social media and blog, give you ideas, and help you keep it consistent.

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