Facebook LIKES are all the rage. It reminds me of when teenagers first got on Facebook, they friended everyone who asked. They friended friends of friends, and total strangers, because why? Because it’s cool to have a thousand friends, right? After a while, a pattern emerged and they realized having 1000 friends was maybe not so much fun, and they really only wanted to engage with 50 of those who were connected to them on Facebook.

The same goes with Likes for your Facebook Page. You can promote your Facebook Page, place Ads for them and you can hire companies to get you a slew of likes.  It’s fun to see 1000 likes on your Facebook page, but I watch social media sites very carefully. Likes don’t equal engagement. In fact, it sometimes seems like the more likes you see on a page, the less engagement there is. As I say that, I will qualify that on some sites, where the LIKES are truly people who are engaged in a conversation on your page, those are very productive.

Likes, to our way of thinking, are usually the most fruitful when you have a clientele that is between the ages of 30 and 50. These are the people who are most active on Facebook and use it to share with their friends.  If you have a product line, and you run promotions, those are the best use of Facebook pages and likes. Your clients will share your Facebook page and help to get likes for you. That’s not to say that every type of business doesn’t benefit from Facebook pages, LinkedIn, Yelp, and Pinterest. For many of our clients, Facebook engagement equates to ranking on the internet. Facebook, Linked In, and Pinterest, Google+, plus blogging can take your website from nowhere to the first few pages of the search engines in a relatively short period of time.

We know that LIKES are important, but the way we use Facebook and other social media is as a tool to drive up search engine rankings. There are some customers who get regular referrals from their Facebook and LinkedIn pages, and we love that. But for others, it’s the power of the combined social media and blogging that ultimately drives traffic to their site and prompts people to call for their services or order from their website.

I love it when I ask my customers how it’s going and they tell me with excitement, Cindy tells Bill I got another call off my website today. Would you like calls from your site? Call us and see if we can help.

Social Cindy, over and out…

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