You are getting all of your paperwork ready for tax time, or at least you probably should be. As you go through your business bank statements, how much did you spend on marketing, email campaigns, targeted mailings to local businesses? How much did you spend making certain your brand is elegant, reflects your mission, and points people to your website and social media.
Is your website more than 5 years old? Is it one of those sites where you pay a small fee upfront, and around $100 per month? Is it hosted by the company that built your site? You might want to give my Social Cindy a call because you are doing all the wrong things. He hates when I tell people that, but it’s the truth.

When you refine the business plan for this year, find ways to save money on some things, and to use that money on advertising, literature, branding, and web presence. I know that it is hard to budget several hundred dollars per month for something that doesn’t necessarily result in business rushing in the door. But trust me, if you are persistent and consistent in your web presence, social media, email campaigns, and mailers, you will see results. I know because it see it happen for myself as well as my customers.

I am talking the talk and walking the walk…


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