Keyword…what is that? The non-technical explanation is, keywords are the words you think your ideal client will key in a search engine when they are looking for information about products or services you offer.

If you know what the keywords are for your type of business, and you have ever worked on your own, or someone else social media, then you know that blogging is truly one of the most effective ways of packing keywords into an effective format.  Keywords can be included not only in the content of your web pages but also in the structure of your website.  For example, you can build your web presence so that Google sees keywords within your file names and your page URLs.

The first and best kind of search engine optimization, or SEO, is always to make sure you are using all of the means that exist in a web page to let Google know what your pages are about. is a social media company that helps businesses achieve high rankings on Google. In general, at Social-Cindy we work to help our customers found. Our social media company is not as focused on achieving huge numbers of followers to your blog or Facebook, we are more interested in getting your phone to ring. That’s not to say we would not love to create a presence for someone who could generate engagement and lots of followers.

The original name of our company was The Web Handyman.  Social-Cindy was built to support Web Handyman website customers who did not want to handle site maintenance or social media themselves. Before long, the Social Cindy name stuck and we dropped the Web Handyman.  We also expanded and now we will happily support websites built by others.

To get back to our headline keywords, what are they good for? They are good for driving traffic to your website, and ultimately to get you more business. If you are not certain what your keywords are, we identify those with you.

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The one thing that we can tell you is that while you want people to be able to find you, as a person, on the world wide web, that should not be your most prominent keyword. We also help people to identify the less well-known keywords that will also send traffic to your site. Sometimes, like for example a realtor, the keywords you would want to use are fought over by millions of others. But keywords that still use Real Estate terms, and identify you as a specialist in your area, can be a way to up your rankings even on a small budget.

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