Social Media is “on” and it’s important to know the best way to deal with people and situations when using it whether it is a blog, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and so many others!  When using any form of social media either on a personal level or to promote yourself, a book, a brand or your business it is most important to be respectful in every way possible.  As well as speaking for yourself, think about the other person and take the time to “share” and “re-tweet”.  It shows people that you have taken the time to notice something that is important to them and that you share their interests or thoughts.  All of humanity, no matter how much they deny it wants to be noticed and see that they are not alone in their interests.

A few kind words about a subject or situation can mean the world to someone and they won’t forget that you did this.  In other words, make a personal connection which will lead to a social or business relationship and further interaction.  As we all know, relationships are the root of all of our social interactions and can change our lives in a moment.  If you have shown interest and earned someone’s trust, they will share your information and even recommend you in connection with any service or product you may offer.  Be open to others opinions.  It will open your world.

Keep in mind that if you are posting on a business level (and even on a personal level) that everything you put out there can reflect on you and who you are and what you represent.  Stay professional but have fun with it.  Google will find you one way or the other!  And, you want people to see the “real” you!  It all depends what your intent is in connection with the time you spend interacting via social media.  But, staying “on-line” with comments and postings is the best way to go.  Be sure to “give” in your interactions and show your support.  As they say, it is better to give than to receive!

Be sure you will receive back more than you thought possible in a positive way.  And, last but not least, be honest in connection with any media that involves business and networking.  This will bring new friends, clients and connections!   Respect and sharing are the keys to successful Social Media!

Now I will share a very valuable secret.  Even though we write and post for the purpose of sharing our thoughts and ideas with others in the hope of building a community around a common idea, your website will benefit greatly from the effort even if no-one reads your posts at all.  Even if no-one reads your posts, Google will.  Google will associate all the words you write with your website and increase the chances greatly of ranking your website higher in a search for those terms.  In fact, blogging is probably the most effective form of SEO there is right now for a small business website.


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