In April of 2013 we were part of a panel that hosted a seminar about marketing in the new web based society. It was myself, Cindy of, Bill of, Websites, and Daniel Grundel of Bogo Blast. When the seminar was over a man came up to us and said, I am starting a new Web based company and I need you to come help me.

Three short months later we launched the Invest Better, Spend Smarter (IBSS) blog. This man who came up to us is named  Jim Tso. Jim has worked in the field of investment management for a number of years and he had retired. But retirement gave him time to think, and what he thought was this. People 50 and over should be able to have fun, still make money and invest in things that also enabled them to still have fun. To help their children and grandchildren with college. To work as much or as little as they like, and to do this without paying a big name brokerage firm thousands of dollars to manage those investments.

We are excited by his vision, and after working with him for the past few months, we believe he has a unique vision that we are helping him share with the world. I took a partial post directly from the blog we built for him:

Jim Tos  has successfully advised individuals and companies on how to best invest and manage money for over 35 years. Though he retired early, his passion remained to help people invest and spend their money in ways that could bring them more joy and less stress. His retirement would have to wait.

Jim feels that investing shouldn’t be expensive or intimating. He developed a low-cost, easy-to-use system for self-directed investing. It replaces the need for complicated formulas and helps to ease the stress investors feel as the market moves up or down. It also could remove the need to put your net worth in the hands of someone who will charge high fees to manage your investments. This blog provides information and other resources that have resulted from all the years of Jim’s hard work, research, and experience to enhance your confidence in self-directed money management.

Jim believes that to live a full life, people need money, but also enjoyment. IBSS aims to guide you there as well. We invite you to join our community, to follow along and interact with us, and to have some fun while doing so.”

We invite you to go and have a look at his blog, and come back here and let us know what you think. Or let us know by posting a comment on his blog!! Thanks for stopping by…