Tai Chi,to me is one of the most perfect forms of exercise for stress relief and healing.  The graceful movements when combined create a flowing dance that works to soothe the mind and body.  It is an ancient system of low impact exercise created by the Chinese culture.  There are many variations in routine but they all work to balance, relax and harmonize.  Combined with soft, beautiful music, it can be one of the most relaxing forms of exercise you will ever experience.  Although you are standing throughout the entire process with the original forms of Tai Chi, the gentle movements allow your body to relax.

The benefits of Tai Chi are unlimited and include improvements in balance, flexibility, energy levels, a reduction in stress and overall physical health.  Tai Chi routines can be modified to be done even in a sitting position.  There are many videos available, as well as classes offered.  Tai Chi can be done either indoors or outdoors.  There are many people who form groups and do Tai Chi outside in a natural environment.   With either a video or a group class, you are taught the movements, one by one, and then taught how to combine them to create the “dance”.

Stress and anxiety are so prevalent with the world today and in everyone’s lives.  What better way to rid ourselves of this by taking a half hour each day or a few times a week to do something that will alleviate our stresses and allow us to breathe easier?  It will also allow us to deal with our daily lives with an elevated mindset and a renewed sense of empowerment and energy.

I find that I have procrastinated for far too long at times and when I finally get down to business, turn on my video and start with the Tai Chi routine, the breathing and movements take hold and I feel a different person.  Take a moment to find out what you would like to do – whether it be trying Tai Chi with a video or going to a group class.  I am sure you will find the relaxation that I have and rid your mind and body of the stress that can cause so many serious effects on health.  Tai Chi has even been proven to promote healing with many medical and emotional issues.

As with any form of exercise, be sure to check with your health provider to make sure it is safe if you have any specific health issues. Take care of you and breathe in the relaxation and benefits of Tai Chi.  It is a beautiful dance for your body and mind!