We have a new client, Encompass Travels. They have been helping their clients with Vacation Rentals for years. Now they have commissioned a new website where both owners and property managers can list their vacation rentals. The site is easy to use and their price for listing properties is more reasonable than many of the other Vacation Rental Sites. They just sent out this press release this past Friday:

” (Sebastian, FL) Encompass Travels now offers FREE with every listing their optional secure and fully automated online reservations system, and with no commission fees or percentage charges this is truly a remarkable deal.

The use of an online reservations system increases the number of potential guests seeing each listing. “Choosing the right VRBO service (Vacation Rental By Owner) remains of great importance for a number of reasons. The service needs to be easy to use, specials must be easily offered and customers should be able to see what makes each property unique. Encompass Travels offers this and much more and is currently offering a 50 percent discount off every new listing through the end of June 2013,” Michael Hall of Encompass Travels declares.

The regular annual listing price remains at $99, but those taking advantage of the special offer will pay only $49.50. There are no set up fees or charges for the service and yet customers receive 12 months for the price of six. “Now is the time to make use of the Encompass Travels Vacation Rentals service. When customers see how this increases their reservations, they’ll never go back to traditional bookings again,” Mr. Hall continues.

The vacation and Beach Rentals reservations service allows the property manager or owner to manage and update listings at any time with the use of their private login account. “Owners and managers can now include contact information and link to their personal travel-related website and online reservations may be accepted or bypassed through the Encompass Travels website. Using a registered PayPal account, accept payments using the online reservations system,” Mr. Hall goes on to say. “Managing one or more rental properties has never been easier thanks to the fully automated reservations system offered at Encompass Travels.”

To increase interest in rental properties, each listing is essentially your own customized webpage, which comes hand in hand with these fantastic tools and options for you to fully utilize and showcase your vacation rentals. “Show a full property description, customize amenities and showcase up to 12 pictures with descriptions, choosing the viewing order which best works for the property. Customize and manage personal seasons and rates while showing an availability calendar,” Mr. Hall states. “Offer special promotions and discounts along with the approximate location of the property, courtesy of a Google map. Inform potential guests of local attractions and amenities. The more customers can see about a listing, the more interest will be generated and property owners find it easy to view bookings using the reservations system.”

You have the ability to view, edit and customize your listings before paying and publishing live on the Encompass Travels website. The goal remains to simplify the process of advertising and renting a property. “Owning a rental property doesn’t have to be difficult. The new online reservations system makes the chore of managing the property easier in many ways,” Mr. Hall exclaims.


About Encompass Travels:

Encompass Travels offers an online listing platform for property managers and owners of vacation rental units across the United States. This listing platform allows managers and owners to showcase and advertise vacation properties to potential guests around the globe. Owners of single vacation rental homes along with property managers with multiple properties make use of this service which may be used for single-family homes, condos, RV parks, House Boats, Bed & Breakfast establishments, Beachfront homes and condos, Lakeside properties, Cabins & Lodges, City Apartments & Lofts and so much more.


Michael Hall

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