Update:  The website design for Social-Cindy.com is now mobile responsive.

There is an old saying about how the Cobblers kids are the last ones to get new shoes.   Unfortunately the same holds true for the Web Designers Wife sometimes.  Therefore It is high time that the Website Design Team at Social Cindy a new mobile responsive website for Social Cindy’s own site.

mobile responsive website design.What is a Mobile Responsive Website?

One of the major trends now in how we consume on-line information is that we are more frequently consuming it on a smart phone, a tablet, or other mobile device of some kind.   To make sure that we have the very best possible experience while using a website from let’s say a mobile phone, it may be that the content should be presented differently for the smart phone, than for a desk top computer.   A mobile responsive website is one that checks to see what kind of device has requested a page, and sends instructions to display the page differently depending on what kind of device is in use.

Some Mobile Responsive Websites More Responsive Than Others.

When an internet browser requests a webpage, it usually provides information about what browser, and what device is sending the request.  A website is considered mobile responsive if it includes code to check this included information.   The degree to which a website is mobile responsive can vary.  Some websites may make small, simple changes to the way a page is displayed on different devices. Others may provide a completely different format or different  content entirely.

Mobile Responsive Websites of the Future.

We don’t really know what kind of devices we will be using to access the website of the future.  They may be built into the dashboard of our cars, or into our eyeglasses.  As this mobile responsive trend evolves, many web experts believe it will become a an essential factor in website design at the most basic level.

If you want to see a before and after example of a mobile responsive website, keep an eye on Social-Cindy.com as it is transformed.

If you would like to learn more about Mobile Responsive Website Design,  please feel free to contact the Website Design Team at Social-Cindy.com at (949) 813 3861.  Don’t be fooled by the telephone pre-fix,  we are right here in Vero Beach, Florida.


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