We have worked with Aileen and Paul for about a year now. She hosts some of the best events in South Orange County and we have had the privilege of attending several. Her residents are always included and many  of the staff attend as well. Friends and family and members of the local community are invited. Sometimes people don’t really understand what an assisted living facility can offer. I know that when my in-laws were in other assisted living facilities, they were lovely, that had regular activities and field trips, but they didn’t have the kind of community involvement that San Clemente Villas. They are simply the best.

Here is a reprint of one of their blog posts this past week that plainly illustrates the attitude of Aileen and her staff:

Memorial Day Weekend Joy and Sharing


Lest we forget, Memorial Day Weekend is a time for honoring those who have fought so valiantly to protect our country. I, Aileen Brazeau, and my husband Paul never forget the debt we owe our military, and give back to them and our community in many different ways. In keeping with philanthropic efforts which Paul and I so avidly support, we would love to share our thoughts about how we involve our wonderful residents here at San Clemente Villas in local charity events.

Most of the time we hold our fund-raising events here at the Villas. Our staff also loves to participate in these events and they work with our seniors and their families, planning and hosting various charities in the community.  Over the years we have held events for the  Boys and Girls Club, Alzheimer’s Association, local animal shelters and food banks.

As I was thinking back about the various events held here, about charity and giving back to our community my mind began to wander. What could be another way to help our community?

One way to do something to help others, and also to clear space in our own homes, is to sponsor a clothing drive to benefit various charities and organizations that help others.  By going through closets and finding things no longer needed or worn and maybe even items that have  never  been worn, we can help others along the way.  There are so many avenues to explore.  Sorting through things can bring us closer to others in giving.  By finding beautiful things that can be shared or given to a worthy cause, perhaps we pass on to others a piece of our past that can be cherished by another.

There is no greater gift than giving from the heart and Memorial Day brings us, again, to remembrance in every way. Memorial Day, for San Clemente and Dana Point, is especially poignant because we are so close to Camp Pendleton, where our brave Marines are stationed.”

To read the rest: www.aileenbrazeau.com