Social Media Social Schmeida

What is this media thing and why should I care? I have one lovely customer who does not quite understand social media, but he knows he needs it and he hired me to perform it for him anyway.

He is just a sweetheart, and I giggle a bit when he tells me to keep doing that tweeter work for him. For some of my clients, Twitter is not the best vehicle for what they do, but that doesn’t matter, it is important to have a Twitter presence. Even if it’s just to listen to what is being said out there in the cyber universe. When you have the type of company like the wine bar we do work for, Twitter can be a great tool. On a slow night, Eric will tweet out a special he doesn’t normally offer, and without fail, several of his followers will head over to take advantage of that special. Another client, a day spa, uses Twitter to keep their customers informed of the various specials they run each week.

When you establish and use your Twitter account, don’t forget that it’s not just a tool to advertise your specials, or push your own information out on the net. It’s also a place to listen, to become part of a global community, and to ask for feedback. Ask your customers what they need, how they liked the past special offer you tweeted. It also helps to spend a little time just perusing other’s tweets. Doing that will let you get a feel for what is trending, what people are concerned about, or looking for. If you can use that to fill a need or offer a service, all the better.

Photos are another powerful tool on Twitter, and they are even more effective on Pinterest and Google+.  The most effective use of Twitter for others of you will definitely be the sharing of your blog posts. Those posts are something you have worked to write, edit and share. The more exposure they gain, the more visible your site will be, and the more Klout your website will have.

So sign yourself up for Twitter, and set about finding friends, clients, and people who might become your clients and tweet, tweet, tweet!!