Social Cindy does social media. We do it for companies in Orange County, we do it for companies in Vero Beach, Palm Bay, Melbourne. Social Cindy also performs social media for companies in North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland.

Because we are a company that works primarily on-line, we can do work for companies pretty much anywhere.On-Line Marketing panel discussion - Vero BeachOnline-marketing panel discussion - Vero Beach

The most common forms of social media that people hire us for are:

Pinterest posts

Blog posts

Facebook posts



We also post videos in You Tube when customers request that service.

Social Media is not particularly difficult to do, it is just time-consuming. Most small or medium-sized business do not have the staff to perform social media on a regular basis, and if you don’t post regularly, your efforts won’t yield the results you want…

Social Cindy will be happy to chat with you about your social media presence, offer advice, and our services…

give us a call at 949-813-3860


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