Social Media has become a huge part of our daily lives, its influence and power are pervasive. It is second nature to so much of today’s youth and our culture, as well as our connection to the world. The world is smaller than it used to be and at the same time, as big as it’s ever been. The thing is, there are so many households that jump on the internet daily to look at thousands of different sites. For people like us who are posting out content, some struggle more than others to be seen on this growing sea of information.

What can one do the be seen in this mass of social media? try this excerpt from another social media blogger:


“So let’s spell out what we mean by Attracting Interest and Having the Honey.”

The key is to keep people’s attention. Give them honey. Something they want to see and will draw the eye. It can be whatever catches your interest and has something to do with your blog. Keep it connected or you will lose viewers to sites that are a little better thought out. Don’t let yourself become a machine either. You are not post-bot 9000. Let your thoughts be heard through your posts. Just a spoon full of honey and you’ll have your readers hooked. 

“1. How well do you understand content marketing?

Do you/have you:

  • Attend webinars on content marketing strategy and tactics?
  • Read books and eBooks on it?
  • Subscribe to marketing blogs?
  • Attend conferences?
  • Belong to relevant LinkedIn Groups?
  • Get Google Alerts on topics related to your industry?
  • Read the annual report by Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs?
  • Have a content marketing specialist on your team
  • Conduct manager and employee training for content marketing?

[Give yourself 1 point for each. Bonus point if you went 9 for 9.]”

I talk to business owners every day who still aren’t certain just what social media and a strong web presence can do for them. I can’t always boil it down to exact numbers, and that’s because websites and social media are more marketing vehicles than sales tools. But that is beginning to change as more and more people search the internet before they will do business with you. We are starting to hear from new customers the reason they contacted us was that the people they do business with called them and said, get yourself a decent website, and where is your Facebook Page? You don’t have Twitter?

It’s quite a change from three years ago when we were calling on those same people trying to tell them what would be their best bet for marketing themselves in this digital age.

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