Social Media and the Army
Sam Fletcher

Okay, you have read some of my blogs about social media. You get that it’s on the rise, and that many different industries are now incorporating social media into their business models. For instance, I just read a post about the California Sherriff’s department–I believe it was in Oakland, CA–where they are using social media to keep in touch with the citizens they serve. Who else is using social media? Who would you think never would use social media? The U.S. Army, that’s who!
The army has started blogging and sharing their experiences with us. The non-military public is probably thinking, wait a minute, wouldn’t the army frown upon such free exchange of knowledge? While I am certain their blog is carefully monitored, they are using their social media outlet for something different than what you might think. It is mostly a tool that has actually helped many of the young men and women who are contemplating enlistment. Currently enlisted soldiers can post about his/her experiences and these, in turn, can be read by friends, family, and anyone who wants to know more about the day-to-day life of military personnel.
Here is a video if you want to find out more. This is Sam Fletcher, signing off . . .