Social Media for Your Grandparents

My Mom is a Grandma and a Great Grandma. She was a computer operator all throughout the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.              I have tried to purchase a computer for her. My brothers and sisters have all tried to purchase a computer for her. She doesn’t want one. My husband’s folks had a computer, but they really didn’t know how to use it. Every time they wanted to send an email or type a Christmas letter they had to call us for help. Now before I get people mad here, for the record I just want to state that most of my Grandma and Grandpa friends are pretty darn good with computers, it’s the Greats that aren’t so great. But calling the blog post social media for Great Grandparents just doesn’t roll off the tongue the same way.

Now, I am not making fun of anyone here–not at all. I am setting up the introduction for this blog. You see, I no longer use a camera with film; in fact, I don’t even have a camera any longer. My Android-based phone takes awesome photos, so I simply use that. When I have a photo that I would like to share, well then I just upload it to Facebook, and all my friends and family get to enjoy it, or ignore it. It’s their choice. The only problem is that my Mom ( who happens to be a Grandma & a Great Grandma) never gets to see those pictures. Remember, she doesn’t go on Facebook. So what’s a girl to do?

Here is what I do. Every so often I go on my family’s Facebook Pages, I copy the best of the photos, and then I create a DVD for her. SHE loves it. I only make them five-to-seven minutes in length, put some snappy music in the back ground, and, Voila! She is all caught up on the family photos.

For those of us whose Grandparents are getting on in age, I think what I am going to start doing is collecting their old photos. My nieces love seeing the photos of their Grandparents when they were young (and of us when we were young, and thin, and not so wrinkly!!)…

I may start a business doing that for other families. They can send me their photos–I will not go on their Facebook Pages–and I will make them a DVD to send to their Grandma. What do you think? Social Media without the computer…is that the new wave?