I met with my friend Sue on Friday. She and her partner  Caroll  work together at Fresh Start Coaching.  Between the two of them they have impressive backgrounds in Marketing, Project Management and everything else you need to get a job done. Only the job they get done is teaching other people how to fulfill their own dreams. If you think this blog post is going to be all fluffy and frilly, think again.

There are a multitude of studies that prove you are what you eat. There just as many studies that tell us in your life and career you are only limited by your thinking. The words that play over and over again in your mind can either inspire you or hold you back. Hence you are also what you THINK.  We all have that little voice in our heads that reminds us of  everything that could go wrong, but we have the ability to drown that voice out with a positive and reinforcing message.

I know of several highly competent people still looking for work after being unemployed for almost two years. It could be it is time for them to quit dealing with the traditional work force, and branch out on their own. Look around, find a need, and fill it.  Buy a piece of foam board, put it up in your home office, or in your dining room ( most of us don’t use our dining rooms but a few times a year). Make a list of your skills, write a story if you must and find photos to match the story. If the only things you really want to do are not practical ways to earn enough money , then take some parts of your dream and weave them into something more practical.

I love talking to people, listening to then, learning from them, and I love writing. I don’t have a degree in journalism, but it turns out to become a blogger you don’t need that. As part of what I do, I meet with people at networking functions, out walking my dog, in the grocery store, and I chat with them.  Bloggin for me is a chat that has been typed. Social media is a conversation I start online and I invite people to join in. I started social-cindy.com because finding a job wasn’t working. I saw that people and companies need social media, but most people really hate having to think up blog posts. I am filling a need, doing something I enjoy and which comes naturally to me and people are happy to pay me to do this for them.

The biggest obstacle most people have in starting their own business, or keeping steady on their job search is fear. Fear of rejection, fear of a less than positive response from the person they need to get with. Sue and Carol help people with that it is called accountability.Accountability is something most people do not do well with on their own. Most of us need someone who will hold us accountable to following through.  Read this excerpt from one of their blog posts:

“Do you see accountability as a gift or a curse? In my experience and that of many clients, accountability generally feels like punishment.

But what if you thought of it as a gift?

One of my clients has a huge challenge with accountability. That’s why she hired me. She’s creating big goals in her life. But she has a ton of incomplete tasks bogging her down. You can hear the weight of it in her voice and FEEL her low energy level during our calls. She sounds tired and stressed.

An issue surfaced recently that needed to be solved quickly. It involved making phone calls she was afraid to make. I asked a friend to help coach her because he has industry expertise in the area where she needed assistance. His guidance about what to say was perfect to help boost her confidence.

My job was to hold her accountable. She promised to have the necessary call complete by her next coaching appointment.

I knew immediately from the tone of her voice that she hadn’t made the call. We talked it through and again, she promised to make the call before our next appointment

This time she followed through, but not until the day of our session. She told me everything that happened. What it boiled down to was that an issue that had been hanging over her head for months was now in motion toward resolution.

When I asked how she felt about it, she said making the call hadn’t been nearly as hard as she thought. She felt lighter, as if a huge weight had been lifted.”

To forge onward with your job search, or to start building your new dream career is never easy. You will have to work hard, and do things outside your comfort zone. If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask. Remember that fear is something you can conquer, and so many times the thing we were most afraid of is not as frightening as we make it seem.

To get more inspiration and practical tips on this and other subjects, go visit them at : http://freshstartcoaching.com

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