I have emphasized the importance of having a blog and updating it regularly. And some of you are listening. That’s good.

I can tell that you aren’t all the way there yet, though, because your categories, tags, and descriptions are not reflecting your topics. Therefore they aren’t really helping google to find you. These little things are quite powerful tools if you use them properly.

A friend of mine has a blog about her hairstyling business. It’s beautiful, she writes good content, but the blog is mainly using her name. Yes, we want people to be able to find her, those who already know of her name and reputation. But what about potential customers who don’t yet know her? To help those people find her she will want to blog about and use categories and tags such as:

Colorist, Hair Stylist, Master Stylist, Wedding Hair Styles, Short Hair Styles, Hair Straightening, Special Events, Blonde Hair, Red Hair, Silver Hair…

Just think like a potential customer. A stranger in town, looking for a great salon is NOT going to type your name in on Google. What do you type in when you want a new hairstylist? Then type those items in as your categories and tags for your blog.

We built a site for a local facial aesthetics salon. They wanted us to use categories that reflected the names of the products they use. Those are fine, and we did use them, but most people type in something like this: eliminate wrinkles, get rid of brown spots, crow’s feet, laugh lines.  Once they started using those categories and tags, along with regular blog posts which used many of the same words, their ranking on google soared!!

So, please, my friends. Four new rules for your Website:

  1.     Build a blog either on your website, or have it link to your website
  2.     Blog at least once a week every week
  3.     Use categories and tags on your blog that will help people find you , whether they know your name or not
  4.      Use photos and put relevant keywords in the Photo descriptions
  5.    Bonus hint, not each blog has to be hundreds of words, you can post a favorite inspirational quote, or a beautiful photo with just a few words.

Over and out from social-Cindy