Our guest blogger Dylan is back this week…these are his thoughts on Twitter, have a read and let him know what you think…

In today’s multimedia world, having just advertisements on billboards and bus benches will get you  only so far!!  Being able to reach out to your clients directly has  definitely become a valuable resource. That means your company needs to invest in at least one or two types of social media. Today I want to talk about Twitter.

Twitter allows you to instantly connect to the people you are trying to reach, and pitch them your ideas, your values, the products and services available to them if they decide to do business with your company. How do they do this with only 140 characters? By announcing “special events” via twitter with “limited time offers” will definitely bring in a rapid, although short-lived, increase of consumers. People get excited when they are getting a better deal, something for less than normal pricing, they will more likely be willing to purchase your services and or product.  And if they like your product and services, they will remember, give you a good review on Yelp, then come back for more, or at the very least, watch your twitter feed for the next big sale!

In marketing and sales, in fact in business in general, it’s not simply about what you sell… It is how you decide to sell it, and who you sell it to. And Twitter definitely changes the “how” and “who” aspect of everything. Using Twitter with the right offers can change a small local business’s “who” from the people down the street to the people in the next continent over. Change the “how” from shipping in trucks to shipping in ships and planes. Increasing your area of business is just as important as actually selling your products.  This kind of exposure is just not achieved by billboards, mailers and ads on shopping carts, but if functions in much the same way.

Twitter is not the best vehicle for every company, but having a presence on Twitter will add to the presence and reputation of any company. If you need help with that…give social-cindy.com a tweet at cinfletch…..

Dylan Rojas, signing off for now….