…That is the question.

I taught classes on how to build a WordPress Blog. What I attempted to do also was to educate people about why they would want to build a blog, and what it does to elevate one’s web presence.

I think sometimes I get so excited about what I do, and how easily it comes to me, that I forget it’s like a foreign language to so many people. What is all this social media stuff?  Think of it this way to get to know people, and to let them know you. In real life, in order to do that, you need to say hi to your neighbors, become an active participant in your church or other organization, and get involved in your community. Talk to people, get interested in what they do, and then let them know what you can do.

Social Media outlets like Facebook, LinkedIn, Tweeting, and such are good activities to let you connect with people you might not be able to easily reach in person. The side benefit of these connections is that social media activity will also raise your visibility on web searches for key terms pertinent to your business. When you use those terms properly in your blogs and tweets, people will begin to find you, without even knowing your name or the name of your business.

While you want to get people to want to be your Facebook Friends and your LinkedIn Colleagues, and your Twitter Followers,  you can’t always accomplish that only by electronic forms of social interaction. It is vital to your business to find ways to network and interact in person.

When I teach a class, formal or informal, I always learn something. Today, what did I learn? I learned that people are hungry for knowledge, and not just to use it for their career advancement. They want to understand all these changes flying full speed ahead all around them. The question, what the heck is all of this good for? And you know what, it made me stop, and become thoughtful, and I tried to give them a good answer.

One gentleman in the group said to me, “Cindy, to what end are we blogging?” I stopped, I thought for a moment, and I asked him to address that question to the class. Because, you see, blogging, as I use it as a tool in my business, is a way to impart information, and to raise your overall status on search engines. But that is not why people began to blog. They began blogging as a means of expressing themselves or trying to change opinions.

To Blog

Some bloggers got so much attention that mainstream media outlets bought their blogs and made them wealthy. Some blogs became such a focal point for certain types of products that people now pay to advertise on those blogs. I circled back around to him a bit later and said all of these things, and I also said, be open. Blog and see where it takes you: maybe it won’t help you get that perfect J.O.B. you were searching for, but maybe it will take you somewhere else.  And maybe that will be better than any job you have ever imagined.

See, social media can change lives, and not just when people gather to protest a cause, but also when someone cares to share their thoughts and resources. Social media can change YOUR life. It has changed mine.

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