Have You Exported Your Social Media ? Are you sure of the answer? Maybe you have hired a company to perform your social media functions, if the price is very low, they are not doing your social media work themselves.

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When bidding on social media projects, although we have a good range of value pricing, we sometimes get underbid. While it’s always disappointing not to win in a competitive situation, I usually feel worse for the prospect than myself.

If you have been out on the web and you have read some of the blog posts that are out there,  many of those  posts  are truly of a poor quality. I would bet money on the fact that the worst of these posts are from blog mills, if you will. The bloggers, and I use that term loosely, will grab onto the latest headlines, and then they will put together a couple of paragraphs that mostly just string words together, and never actually address the topic they put in their headline.  Or they pick a catchy headline and list 10 reasons why you should, or should not do something, but it has little new information to impart. You hire what you think is a reputable company, then they “farm” out the work, pay $5 or $10 per blog and less for other social media while you are paying them  significantly more!!

It’s a joke. I suppose if your only objective is to fill your blog with keywords to push up the standing of your website that might be okay. But let me ask you this. What if, just by chance, you go out on a sales call, and the person you call on actually checks you out? He or she will go first to your Website, then to LinkedIn, maybe to your Facebook Page, and even Pinterest, and then your blog. You may have increased your web standing, but folks, this is not just about that, people are looking for the type of company you run, the type of person you are. If your company brand is one of honesty and integrity, and maybe you are an honest, hardworking person, what is a poorly written innocuous blog going to say about you and your services? And lest we forget, many of the blogs have automatic feeds in them that will post to your LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter accounts every time you post.

If you are like most business owners, maybe you neglect to read your own blog regularly. How would it be to get all the way through a tough sales cycle, feel like you have clinched the deal, only to be told at the end that your company is not going to get their business?

Social media is like anything else for your business. All by itself, it will not be the whole solution to your marketing and PR, it is a tool in your arsenal. It’s always better to get the quality you may have to stretch a bit to afford, rather than to pay for something that won’t endure.  My Mom had a saying, she would say,” Cindy, in this life you get what you pay for”. She always shopped carefully for the best quality of food, clothing and furnishing that we could afford. We would look at the quality of the stitching in garments, of the construction in furniture, before we purchased anything.

I do the same thing in my life. What is the quality of construction that you want to represent your business? Don’t forget, once a post goes out with your company name on it, it is around on the web virtually forever. Make your decision based upon the value you will receive for the money, not just on the cost alone, and you will be much happier with the results.

social media practitioner, Cindy


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