Okay, folks, readers, bloggers, everyone..please listen carefully. If you want to become a social media person if your goal is to have a successful blog if you want your Mother to be able to read your blog.. If you want to be able to read it 10 years from now and not shake your head wondering what were you thinking. Please don’t do these things:

1. Do NOT fill the first three paragraphs with curse words – I had placed an ad for blog writers, and three of the respondents directed me to their personal blogs as a sample of their work. My first thought was, yay, they already know how to do this blogging thing. Then I followed the link and oh, my gosh!!  All three were chock full of expletives undeleted. NOT A GOOD WAY TO AUDITION FOR A POSITION!!

2. Post your short stories on your blog. Unless you are applying for a position as a ghostwriter, don’t post your short story about a bad love affair as a sample of your work. If you want to have a private blog or join a jilted lovers blog group, fine, but don’t use that as a link to impress me as someone I should hire.

3. Put of a photo of you in a bikini on your blog, that’s just wrong.  Two different females did that one! Save those for the dating sites. As a matter of fact, don’t post pictures of you half-naked anywhere, not on Facebook, Google+ or Pinterest or dating sites!!

I read article after article about how social media is taking the place of a resume. If that is true, a blog can be the perfect place to showcase your talent. I have helped several friends and family members build blogs where they then posted case studies. These blogs are about how they solved problems, saved companies money, streamlined outmoded methods of operation. All were impressive and gave a much more well-rounded picture of why a company would want to hire them.

That is what you can use a blog for as you do your job search. A blog that showcases how you can contribute, not how well you can curse.

Thank you, I am finished now.

social-cindy, signing off for today..