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The very first thing we do is develop a strategy for your social media presence. We learn as much as we can about who you are (your products, services, mission statement, values.)

Next, we research your marketplace and your competitors.

Listen and learn from you who you consider being your ideal clients.

Run analytics and keyword programs in order to study which terms your ideal prospect is likely to key into Google to locate the products and services you offer. This knowledge informs the creation of a strategy for your campaign.

We construct the necessary infrastructure for a consistent and persistent social media presence tailored for your marketplace. Your presence will typically include a blog, Facebook page, Google plus page, Twitter profile, Yelp profile, YouTube, and any of the dozens of other available profiles which may be appropriate for your market.

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Utilizing your input as well as the content we develop for you, we maintain your blog and profiles in a consistent and persistent fashion. The basic package includes at least one blog post a week. We support and promote the blog posts with posts to your other platforms in order to maximize visibility.

We conduct activities designed to increase the visibility and interactivity of your profiles to increase the number of “likes,” “comments,” “conversations,” “follows,” and “connections” established with others.

We provide a report with your invoice each month to give you a sense of the number of interactions your social media presence is generating.

All social media will help build your presence over time, having NO social media presence and a pretty website might bring you customers, but we wouldn’t bet on that. The more you do, the more traffic you will get. It is as simple as that. We work with customers to find a plan that will allow them to be consistent.

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