I have a guest blogger today. His name is Dylan, and he has offered to contribute periodically to my blog.

Here is what he had to say:

“Education Budget Cuts and Their Effect on the Community

I, Dylan, feel strongly opposed to what is going on here in California, and all over the United States with State and Federal Agencies cutting funding to our educational institutions, from Kindergarten to Colleges.

To start, I’m going to point out that the level and quality of education make the difference between a third world country and a first world country. Without a good education people will not acquire the necessary skills to get the good jobs that pay enough to support families. Things may change, but these days are almost all careers that pay well are requiring college degrees.

Because of these budget reductions,  community schools are cutting English second language classes, therefore limiting the ability of immigrants to properly transition into society. When they have no knowledge of English, no education, and no way for them to assimilate into our culture, the future looks bleak. It becomes a cycle, you have a family, earning very low wages, with children and no money to feed them, how will they survive? Crime.  They might rob a store to take the money or food. It can also start in high school when budgets seriously affect the education of students and they don’t know where else to turn but to gangs.

As a freshman in high school, I have been frustrated by a lack of help from my teachers to help me to succeed, and the classes are getting extremely full, and minimal attention is given to the individual student.  With the overcrowding and the feeling that comes from just a general malaise, many of the students aren’t paying as much attention, getting less done, and not learning valuable skills. With a higher budget, we could get more teachers to fill more classes,  we could provide more classes for English as a second language, and classes to help persons with disabilities to learn skills to help provide to society as well. Not everyone is meant for college, but we have almost no practical trade schools or even courses in our school system.  Cut budgets, cut people’s hopes; cut people’s hopes and education, you cut people’s chances. Crime rates will rise and our country as a whole will be hurt for it.

If Education continues to be where our politicians go for money, rather than the place where money is spent to further the future of its people, America will be on its way to becoming a third-world country. I have more faith in us than that, but if we all just sit by and watch this happen, that will be the real tragedy. Today I am speaking up.

Thanks for listening,

Dylan ”

I need say no more!!, Thanks Dylan.