What does a social media company do? I know some companies are running their operation more like a Public Relations firm would. We are not marketing OR a P.R. firm, we strictly do social media campaigns. In “your” voice, we post blogs and introduce you to the world, and invite people to come in. In the process, we help drive traffic to your website, and we raise your visibility on the search engines. We use the blog to engage and introduce, and we use people’s comments on the blogs to help mold the way you do business on a continuing basis. We are not trying to make your blog your business, we are trying to make your business knowledge with your blog.

Because of the questions people ask when I share about my company, I  have listed below the basic components of a social media campaign at social-cindy.com.

Social Media Campaigns

What we do is use the most relevant social media outlets from amongst the hundreds available to market your company and direct traffic to your website. These are:

  • Blogs
  • Twitter
  • Facebook Pages for Business
  • LinkedIn

There are other software tools we use as well; for some of our customers we do weekly or bi-weekly mail campaigns, generally using Constant Contact as a tool   to keep in touch with their current client base. For those people who have storefronts or products  for sale,  we also use:

Yelp &   Merchant Circle

Now for most people’s first question, HOW much do your social media campaigns cost, and how does it work?

Our service is based upon a campaign that works overtime. Our customers pay us monthly and the rates range from as little as $499.00 per month, up to $2,500 per month depending upon their budget and how quickly they wish to ramp up their web traffic and placement on Google.

No matter what the budget allows, all of the monthly packages include the following:

  1. Build a web presence – I believe you already have that in the works.
  2. Build and blog that compliments your existing web site
  3. Build a Facebook Business Campaign that matched your Blog and Web Site, using your logo and branding.
  4. Build Twitter followers, either using your existing Twitter handle, or we will create one for you
  5. Periodic LinkedIn posts if that is applicable to your type of business.
  6. Monthly monitoring of your web presences, running various programs to analyze any gains we are making and where they are.

Social-Cindy…see you ’round the web…



The most very basic campaign we do will include at least a Blog and Facebook Page, and any of the other platforms or combinations, depending upon what we all agree upon.

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