Social media is in the news again. It can be used for good and it also can be used irresponsibly. As a social media practitioner, fancy name for Blogger/Tweeter, I try always to be careful about my posts. For some people and organizations, blogging and tweeting are merely methods of imparting their message. If you are using your blog as a Forum, that is fine. If you are using your blog as a repository for pertinent information and how to instructions, your opinion doesn’t belong in the blog.

Blogging is a combination of “speaking” and listening. AFTER you post, it is important to go out on the net and try to see what impact your blog is having. Are people reading it? What posts were the most popular? Is your blog giving people information they can use? For some of the companies I blog for, a picture is worth a thousand words. Talking about a new hairstyle is not the most effective method of communicating, showing pictures is.

So, today I would like to give you five things that will help your blog be more effective:

  1. Use words that will relate back to your business and your website as much as possible
  2. Don’t use words when a picture will do
  3. Don’t use copywrited pictures, companies are now actively searching the Web for blogs who use their photos without permission. Sign up for Istock, or another photo service and purchase the smaller photos. The prices are very reasonable.
  4. Follow what is trending now, use quotes from other news services and make certain you credit them properly.
  5. Make certain your content matches your title. I have all too often clicked on an intriguing title, only to have some nonsensical blog post appear on my screen. People don’t like that.

If you are not going to blog consistently, and with good content, then hire someone who will. There’s an old saying that my Mom used often, something about being penny wise and pound foolish. Don’t try to save money by putting out a bad product. That is just not good business. Your business NEEDS a strong web presence and think about this. Most of your purchasing audience is probably middle aged right now, but in a few years, when all the college graduates start to earn good money again, they are going to be your target audience. They grew up with technology, know how to use it better, and they aren’t going to buy from a company that doesn’t have a strong web presence and good referrals.

Have a great weekend…

Social-cindy over and out!!