Social media and the internet have already revolutionized many online markets. Up to this point, experimenting with what works and what doesn’t work in social media has been a high-stakes game. Many companies are now spending more than ever to try to find innovative ways to connect directly to potential prospects and clients.

As a source for social media interaction, according to a study at (and published by Mashable), the majority of people like a Facebook page because they want discounts, promos or coupons. About a third of people on Twitter admitted to retweeted something being they were offered some form of incentive.

The Globe recently sat down with Winston Mok, Chief Executive Officer of Simply Good Technologies. Durring the interview, he has this to say about the oppritunity he saw to found his company;

“We saw clear pain points in how paper coupons lacked limited-use and unique tracking, so we set on the path to solve this problem and explore the possibility of going digital. Digitization enabled us to analyze the relationship between customers and how purchases were influenced. There was a real opportunity to use social media to help brands and retailers leverage existing customers to market to new customers.”

As the field of social media continues to evolve and be refined we will keep reporting what we as social mediologists learn.