At Pack Physical Therapy, when we use the LCT-1000 for pain relief and therapy, it can eliminate the need for surgery or drugs, with the same amount of relief. In general, this laser produces faster results with far less side effects.  Usually, the pain relief is instant, and it has been proven to be as effective as most other types of physical therapy.


When asked about the procedure, most patients describe little to no pain during treatment. Occasionally, they will experience mild, soothing warmth, which can lead to patients’ falling asleep. There is no pain associated with treatment; however, depending upon the area of treatment, during the next day occasionally some pain is felt, but this is only because of a healing process. These pains are more likely to happen when the patient suffers from chronic pain rather than a one-time injury. This healing process sometimes extends for a few days, and in very rare cases even longer. Nevertheless, this is a completely normal reaction and the pain will subside.


A typical treatment lasts five to fifteen minutes, depending upon the injury and the surface area that it covers. Small conditions that cause significant pain are usually treated every day, while chronic problems tend to respond better with treatment a few times spread throughout a week. Of course, this will be determined on an individual basis.


The duration of the treatment will depend upon the injury. For most, two to six weeks of treatment will completely take away pain, while more chronic conditions may take two to four weeks longer. Those with more complex cases–such as severe arthritis–may desire additional treatment. In almost all cases you will experience significant pain relief after your first treatment.  The most important thing to understand about our therapeutic laser is that it doesn’t cover up or mask the condition like a pain pill does, but actually deeply heals the damaged muscle or tissue.  When you start to feel better after our treatment, it’s because you are, indeed, getting better.

Give us a call and we can explain more…or better yet, book an appointment. Be sure to check with your primary care physician first.

Brodie Pack and the staff at Pack Physical Therapy