We are a web marketing company, so it’s not a big surprise we are always on the lookout for information we can share about the subject of social media. At the same time, I get tired of reading the same posts over and over again about the 7 things every company needs to know about social media. Or the 10 things we all must do. I posted those once, I may post them again someday, but not today.  Today I am bragging!!!

Jan Norman, a writer for the Orange County Register, wrote an article that appeared in today’s newspaper. It is titled

“California firms ahead on using social media”.

She says ” California small businesses are more likely to use social media to market themselves than their counterparts nationwide, according to a survey by Constant Contact Inc., a technology marketing service used by 450,000 small firms.

Small businesses, in general, are becoming more comfortable using social profiles to reach and interact with customers, Constant Contact says, but especially in California. “

I know for a fact I have more people asking me about Social Media and how it could work for their company. For me, it’s not just small businesses in California that are inquiring. I get emails and Facebook questions from people in the Northeast, in the Midwest, and the Southeast as well. I think one of the reasons more California small business is planning on using social media is because we are home to so many hi-tech companies, many of whom have downsized their workforce.

With few job openings and plenty of well-qualified people to fill those openings, it has been tough to find a new job. These are hard-working, well-qualified people, some of whom have run companies; they want and need to work. When they can’t find jobs after a couple of years, they start their own companies. They understand the value of a marketing plan, and that social media is a necessary part of any good marketing effort.

I have a feeling other parts of the country will catch up soon enough, but just this once, and just for a few moments, I will brag!!




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