Okay, so I admit it, when I first moved to California, 60 or 70 degree weather did seem a bit un-Christmassy. It was a took a little  adjustment to get into the Holiday spirit.  Now I have lived in the Golden State for nearly 30 years not, and  I have to tell you, people  do it up for Christmas tickles my little heart.

So much so that my husband and I go out in our SUV on weekend evenings,  armed with a cuppa hot chocolate and just drive around looking at all the houses decked out for Christmas. Here in the Laguna Niguel, Dana Point area, there are even homes that not only festoon their exteriors with lights, they also use software to play music over certain FM radio frequencies and have lights blinking on or off in time with the music. I confess those are our favorites.

When I was a kid, decorating for Christmas meant big colored lights and tinsel.  At first you placed the tinsel strands gently on the tree, one at a time, just like Mom said. Shortly it would migrate to  put some of on the tree and start throwing the rest  at your siblings! Tinsel fight!! Boy would Mom get mad.

These days, it’s not just about the tree, it’s not just about the lights on the outside of the house, it is also about the music that makes the lights dance…here is a You Tube Video from one house, watch this:


Happy Holidays, if you need me, call my cell, I will be out looking at Christmas lights and drinking hot Chocolate!!

See ya