When we started this business a couple of years ago, talking to a business about social media was like speaking another language. Nobody really knew what it was, except us…

Now there are seminars being given every day on the benefits of social media and how everyone must begin to use it to promote their business. While I agree,know there are some things a business needs to do BEFORE it starts worrying about  social media. First they must develop an  overall marketing plan.It does not have to be elaborate, but it must be clear.  Social media is just one part of an over all marketing campaign to help people know, like, trust and refer business to you and your firm.

If you do not have a clear message to put out, a strong, good looking brand and a product that differentiates you from all the other businesses  out there that do what you do, social media is not going to be able to do enough to make your company successful. It will help, but it is not the end-all be-all that some think. It is also important to understand what social media really does for you.

Social media companies, like social-cindy, have one main goal, and that is to drive traffic to your web site. If you have a $500, template based website, driving  traffic to it is not going to be as effective as it would be with a stronger, keyword based website.  The very first thing you need is an up to date, good quality website, and you can’t get that for much less than a couple thousand dollars.

It needs to have well placed keywords, professional photos of you and or your products. It needs well written copy, and landing pages. And it must have good branding and a clear message. It does NOT need to tell people everything about your company, but instead give them just enough information to make them want to communicate with you.

You should be thinking about social media for your business, and along with that you should also be working on a full fledged marketing plan. We can help you with both of those things.