There are some items people should do before they call me to start implementing their social media campaign. You can put your campaign out there at any time, but if you do not have a clear and consistent brand and message, it will not work as well.

From experience I have learned there are a few questions you can ask yourself that will help you narrow your focus and get your message out to just the right cusomters for you.

First of all, if your business has been around for a while, ask yourself this. Who are the clients that have stayed with you longest. What tpe of product or service do you provide them? Where do your clients get the best ROI for the product/serivce you provide them? Which clients can afford to stay consistent, even if their business slows down a bit?
Who might your new  clients be , what market segment do you want to target?

Build a marketing schedule, and for  each day, decide what type of marketing activity will you do to promote your business.

Find interesting and trending articles and videos to use as a basis for your blog and tweets

Use a lead generation program

Ask your current customers for the reason they use you. It may be different than you think.

Last but not least, don’t be afraid to ask for referrals!! The best lead is a “warm one”. If your customers are happy with you, the next time you call to say hi, just let them know, ever so gently, that referrals are always welcome!!


social cindy, over and out !!