social-media-kim-kardashian Besides being extremely beautiful and famous, I mean!!

What does she have? She has promotion. She has Public relations. She is a Marketing, P.R., social-media expert. She is the very definition of social media. On twitter, with a blog and a website. She is working it.

I have watched some interviews with her, and Kim will tell you that she was trained by her Dad how to work, how to negotiate. I will say that  from a Mom’s point of view, I believe plenty of her ability to create and re-create herself came from her Mom, Kris Jenner. Kris has created a media empire for her whole beautiful family.

I doesn’t matter what  else you say about this family, they know how to promote themselves. What have you done for yourself lately? What types of self promotion are you doing? Are you sitting at your desk wishing for more business? Or are you out there, shaking hands, meeting people, offering your services?

If you listen to what Kim says about herself, she is actually quite shy and reserved, and if you saw her on “Dancing with the Stars”, you saw her just struggle to loosen up and dance. You know, I study body language and that girl was terrified. But did she let that stop her? No, she put herself out there, and she built up her brand.

So, what does Kim Kardashian have that you don’t? Maybe she has desire and the willingness engage with her audience, not simply talk about it, but do it. Maybe that is what she has that you don’t. I mean besides those amazing eyes and figure..

Oops, I do believe she works pretty hard at that , too… Sensing a trend here?

Just sayin…


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