Social Media is in the news, and it is also part of the news. It has become integrated into the fabric of our society. When the Mayor of New York gets on National TV and tells people the Twitter handle for his emergency services support network, you know social media has gone mainstream.

social-media-newsThree years ago when I discovered Twitter, (I know, I am a late bloomer), and several years ago when I first heard about blogging, I did not know what to make of it all. I just started texting regularly about two years ago when I got my Droid, because texting on my little Chocolate phone was so cumbersome.

What does this mean for our future and where is this all heading? I got on Facebook in 2009 because Gina Johnston, my instructor at New Horizons told me about it. She also told me about LinkedIn. Now, when I check Facebook, I see mostly people in the 40’s and up using it on a regular basis. All the “kids” who helped create the phenomenon have moved on. But where did they go? My son Sam says they chat on Facebook, and they text or they Skype. Facebook is kind of passe for them. Google + is making a big push into social media, but like Hewlett Packard with their unsuccessful launch of a tablet , they may have come to late. I for one have enough to do to keep up with Twitter, Yelp, Facebook, blogging and LinkedIn. I really would only join Google Plus if I have to.

This week I am going to concentrate on picking the brains of my son, Sam, and his friends and see if I can’t hop on the next train before it leaves the station. If you have some ideas to share, please post them here.




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