Back when my 5 year old desktop was barely limping along, I had to make a decision. Buy a new PC, buy a Mac, or buy an IPad. I REALLY wanted an Ipad, but I am on a tight budget and I needed something that would be good for posting and WordProcessing, Spreadsheets, etc.

I stopped by the Apple store in the mall, and hung out with one of their geniuses for about an hour. I came away knowing the Ipad was not going to be a replacement for my desktop. It made me a little sad.

So I bought a Toshiba Laptop, and I have been waiting and watching for the new tablets to take over the PC world. But they haven’t. Although I have spent the past 30 years or so in front of a computer of some sort, hands poised over the keyboard, ready to type, I sometimes resent these clumsy  devices which take up so much room in my home.  I would love for something to replace them. I am hoping the evolution of tablet devices jumps ahead quickly, and I can stop lugging around heavy laptops, or using up valuable space with desk space.

I have continuing to research tablets, and while some of the new ones sound promising, they still do not have all of the capabilities I need. I see things evolving so quickly now, that I am pretty certain within the next couple of years I will be able to compute easily and lightly and a new tablet…

What are your thoughts?