I just spent a few hours and a few hundred dollars getting my brakes fixed. I was waiting at the brake shop. There was nothing much to do there, and my Droid’s battery had died yet again, so I read magazines. Yes, you heard right, I read magazines. I used to love reading magazines, but these days I do the majority of my reading online, either Google or Yahoo, because it is convenient.

While I waited, I  actually read several magazines because I am not a reader, I am a devourer. I love reading, and I read fast. So, while someone else is reading an article, I have read an entire  magazine. Anyhow, I digress.  One magazine was all about Kate and William’s wedding. Another was about politics, and if the Republicans have a chance to take back the White House. The third magazine had something that really made me stop and think, and feel hopeful…

One of Pratt & Whitney's New Engines

It was a Time Magazine article, and if I could remember the name I would put a link in here, but I can’t, so I won’t. They were talking about a new engine that Pratt and Whitney has come up with. Actually they were talking in general about the future of jobs here in America, and Pratt & Whitney was one of their examples of American companies who will be hiring in the near future. Reading it  got  me excited and hopeful for our future. For one thing, it talked about how the Aircraft Industry is gearing up to make lighter, more fuel efficient engines, and smaller, faster planes; It also talked about car manufacturers gearing up in different parts of our country to begin manufacturing on a large scale. Not just American car manufacturers, but foreign car makers, moving here!

There are so many people who keep telling us why America has peeked. That it is all down hill from here. And if one looks at the facts in just this certain way, I can see why they say that. The facts are we are in a world of hurts. Our debt is way too high, the rich are getting richer, the middle class is not what it once was, and our infrastructure is aging. I get that. Can I tell you what I see, through my slightly pink glasses?

I see some of these things changing in subtle ways. A year ago, when we were touting the virtues of Social Media and a strong Web presence, people would listen with amused smiles on their faces, and say, maybe we will do that next year. Over the past six months, those same people have begun to call us and ask us to help them out. We are now working with them to build a Web strategy , and to develop  a plan.This isn’t just about Web Develpment,  we also partner with Marketing Consultants to make certain we have a clear vision of their target market. What is most exciting is our small business owners  understanding if they want to build their business back up, they need to invest in it. The results my not always be instant, but over time name recognition will build. It is an investment…for me that is the key word.

You see, the folks at Pratt & Whitney have faced over 10 years of declining revenues, and while I am certain they had cutbacks, they also fought to find the funds to ramp up their Research and Development . They envisioned a product that was going to be needed tomorrow even though it  might not be right for today. They knew it was not bring in revenue quickly in the short term, but could generate HUGE returns at some point in the near future. It is now paying off for them, orders are coming in, new aircraft is being ordered..They are hiring again.

It is the same thing for many of my clients. Unless they suddenly come up with a very large budget for advertising and media, they must look at what we do together as somewhat of an investment. There will be some big spikes in their business, generated by a sale or a giveaway, but over time, a strong web presence, will work in their favor in a way that keeps their business flowing. They get that now. And they are willing to bet on that in a way they weren’t willing to a year ago.

I also know for a fact, many good people who have been hunting for jobs in the last year or two, are going to give up on that, and they are going to start their own businesses, or go into consulting. They are coming from corporations and intrinsicaly understand the value of Marketing and Advertising. The more of them I can connect with, the faster my business will grow. I look forward to that.

I look foward to an economic recovery, to a me recovery and to America becoming strong again..

I write so you don’t have to….social-cindy.com