Here at, we do various types of website and social media work for our clients. Many of the people who come to us already have existing websites in place, and they do not wish to go to the expense of having those sites re-built. So the Website Design Team at Social Cindy goes in and cleans up the code, refreshes the images, updates colors, insert more relevant keywords…that kind of thing. The clients who are serious about driving more traffic to their sites also have us build and maintain their blogs.

As a side benefit of all this blog, tweet, Facebook and LinkedIn work we do for them, we have noticed their web presence becoming more prominent with each blog post.

Each of the sites we blog for moves up much more quickly than the ones we merely update. Because Web work and Social Media is what  we do  for a living, and we strongly advocate it, we were not surprised at this. What did surprise us is how quickly their websites moved up when we blog and do all of the other social media work on a very regular basis. It is so validating for us in our work. And we love making our customers happy.

“Blogging is the business owner’s secret weapon for visibility in search engines like Google!”

We get a little sad for the people who have said to us “guys, just build everything for us and we can handle the rest”, and they then don’t! They pay us good money to set everything up, they do a couple of blog posts, then they run out of steam. We don’t blame them, they are running businesses, often on a tight budget, and that means they wear several hats. Not putting that extra time in, or paying someone to keep up with their Social Media, is costing them more than it would if they had someone to keep it up for them.

If you have a small company, I want you to know that your competitors are doing their work, or they have someone doing it for them. The big guys spend thousands, to millions of dollars a month to build their web presence, If they do it, and think it is important for their business, why wouldn’t you?


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