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Today’s blog post is about consistency and persistency. My partner and I have set up blogs for at least 30 people in the past year and a half. Because of budget constraints, they were willing to pay us to set up their blogs, but not to maintain them. I understand!! Blogging is not difficult, you don’t need to be a  journalist in order to blog, any one can do it. That’s why it’s a blog not a magazine.

Anyone can do it, but do they do it? NO!!  I have just checked on 5 out of the 30 blogs, that we don’t maintain, and not a single one has blogged consistently, and some have not blogged for a year or more. What they have forgotten is this, blogging helps bring people to your site. The more you blog, the  more relevant your content, the better your pictures tell the story of your blog, the stronger your ranking will be on all of the various search engines.

Look, search engines deal with millions of pages of content these days. If you don’t have plenty of people searching out your site, if you don’t work at bringing people to your site, the search engines are going to leave you out in the cold. Period.

Being found on the Internet is just like any other job, You have to work on it. If you don’t, work at a regular job, chances are you will be terminated. If you build a company and don’t promote it properly, your business will struggle.

So I want to task each of you with something. In order to at least keep your site visible there are certian things you must do on a regular basis. To have a minimal web presence, you should devote no less then 6 hours a month to your web presence. Now, if the average wage you make on each customer is around $75.00 per hour, times 6 hours, that amounts to $450.00. If you devote that number of hours to your business, at that wage it will “cost you” $450.00. So if you don’t have the time or energy to fit your internet marketing into your duties on a consistent basis, then go ahead and pay someone, who is qualified (not your nieces, best friend) to do it for you. It will pay off. Not right away, but if it is done consistently and persistently you will get results!!


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