Social Media is not rocket science, it is just time consuming. In previous posts, I have said  that consistency is the bedrock of any marketing campaign. It is even more important in your Social Media campaign. What  you are trying to do is not only buy a piece of people’s minds, you are trying to promote your entire online presence!

Remember, on your blog you will post things that are relevant to people. On your twitter, you can be a little more playful, but not consistently. You have to give people something worth coming to your site for, otherwise, they will go somewhere else. If you do not have the time to keep up a Social Media Schedule, please find someone to help you  with it. I think it is far worse to start and not keep it up.

My partner Bill Fletcher and my friend Jarrett Gucci both say the following:

Post regularly

Include at least one picture in your post put good captions on them

Tweet and re tweet good information

Use strong, popular keywords in your posts, and place them in the beginning of your sentences.

Stay relevant , post about people or things that are trending and in the news right now.

And call me, Cindy Fletcher 949.813.3860 if you could use a good practitioner.





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