Are you hearing this over and over again? “Social Media, you need Social Media, set up a Blog, set up Twitter, use the right keywords, are you on LinkedIn, Facebook? ” And are you saying, what for? You need to watch this:

That is some startling information. And it is actually a few years old, they don’t have the fact that several major social revolutions have occurred using Social Media over the past three months. But what does it mean?

Okay, let’s start with the words Social &  Media: media meaning some sort of published or verbal report/ document, either hard copy or digital. Social meaning it involves something akin to socialising. By now most of you recognize the two big social media outlets, Facebook and LinkedIn.  Outlet One , Facebook, is supposedly for socialising, keeping in touch with friends, posting cute family photos. Although posting things that are too personal tend to get people fired these days. The other, LinkedIn, is for more professional connecting, keeping up with old college mates, work friends and building connections that will help further your career, get a new job or find qualified employees and practitioners.

Twitter is another form of Social Media, and people in their teens also use MyYearbook, I.M., and text. With people 40 and younger, it is now the primary means of communication. So much so,  I am  surpised when my  son’s phone  rings because he and his friends mainly communicate via text. Out of self defense I have also become a texter, so that I may keepin touch with my son. If you call him or any of this contemporaries, don’t bother to leave a message, their mailboxes are full and it’s likely they don’t even remember their passwords.

What has happened with all of this “Social Media” is that it has morphed into an information, advertising, promotion medium. Because of the sheer volume of users on Facebook, it has become  an imperative for small businesses to have a presence there. You create a business page, or Fan page and ask people to like you, then periodically post specials or little tidbits of information about various projects you are working on, or sales you are promoting. It is important not to be to blatant about the fact that you are trying to sell something, rather you want to use the drip method. Where you tell your Facebook friends about your good deals, but don’t get in their face about buying something now. It is a fine line. The same goes for LinkedIn and Twitter.

Why will that help you? My take on it is that it is exposure. Your name and presence are familiar.  We are now living in a very digital age, for example, I don’t use Yellow Pages, or read flyers, I look on the internet for people, places and things I need or desire. And more importantly, my family members who are under 40 do virtually everything on the internet. If you want to be found, or let’s re-phrase that, if you need to be found, for a job search, career change, or to promote your business, YOU MUST HAVE A WEB PRESENCE. Not negotiable. Even if you do the bulk of your business or job searching based upon referrals, you need to be found.

If you understand  agree but  you just don’t know how or  have the time to build your web presence & do social media, then call me!!


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