As in any other concerted marketing effort, before you begin a campaign, it is very important to stop and think. Think about how you want to market your product, what colors to use, how you want to be percieved and who your target market is.

Wine makers sometimes spend years developing their product and almost as much time in developing the type of bottle, the label, where they will sell their wine. Labels are intergrated with the color and feel of the winery itself. They hire marketing experts, artists and colorists at costs of thousands of dollars and man hours. They know when their products hit the shelf, the average person is going to make a buying decision based in part on how much they like the appearance of the packaging. Once they have tried the wine, if they like it, they will purchase more, but that is not the reason they purchased the product in the first place.

So think about this, what does you “label” say about you? Are the colors you are using up to date with current tastes? Do they portray an upscale image? Don’t try to be the expert here if you don’t hae a background in marketing. There are good people you can hire, and while it may be difficult to budget the funds you will need, it is just as important as any other asset you may need to purchase to start your business. People sometimes think that customers will magiacally appear if they put a product on the market. It justs doesn’t work that way 95% of the time. How would most people even hear about your product? The truth is, without a strong marketing campaign, they won’t. That is why so many small business fail.

My Friends Kelly Weppler Hernandez conducts classes in Duct Tape Marketing. In fact she is holding one this week. Check her out on LinkedIn.

We get so many referrals from other business associates to people who are starting up new businesses, and time after time, they try to do it all them selves. We are sypathetic, yet at the same time we shake our heads at how little money they have allocated to their marketing budget, and we know how little time they are actually going to dedicate to something so important. If you are thinking of starting your won business. please take the time to build at least a small budget, and hire some good people to help and guide you. We want you to succeed!!

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