Pia Toscano wins social media buzzPia Toscano went from being an early reject on American Idol, to being a star on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, literally overnight.  How? Through the power of Social Media.  When Pia’s elimination took everyone by surprise, facebook and twitter lit up like the national fireworks display on the fourth of July.

This kind of popular social buzz is apparently turning Pia’s bad break into a fast track to stardom.   I don’t believe the eventual winner will enjoy this kind of a splash.  If fact I predict that thanks to social media, Pia will win big once again when the America Idol season “winner” emerges.  Pia’s name will be trending once more when the talent of the champion will undoubtedly be compared to the vanquished Pia Toscano.

If Social Media Marketing has the power to facilitate overnight stardom for Pia Toscano, don’t you think it has some power to make your small business more successful?

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