You are going to want to book mark this blog post and keep it top of mind.

Presidential Candidates and Social Media

There are so many people out on the web touting the virtues of using Social Media to promote your company, and you don’t have to search hard to find an overwhelming volume of information on how to do it. What I am going to do here is make you a list, which you can check off, and when you are done, you start again.

See what’s  the big problem for so many people is  the start again part. Even my own clients, who say, this is easy, just help me get started and I can do it myself. But they don’t, so they  hire me to do it for them. I will be calling them all later to tell them that. Back to the list. This list will be very basic and uncomplicated, just follow it regularly and you will do well:

(This assumes you have a Web Site and a Blog all set up)

  1. Surf the net for helpful, interesting articles
  2. Type up your thoughts about those article and link to those articles
  3. Relate those thoughts to your customers
  4. Type up your Blog
  5. Proofread your blog, Preview it and publish it
  6. Send out a mass email to all your regular clients pointing them to your blog
  7. Offer your clients something of value – at least once a month
  8. Tweet and twitter – every day
  9. Put Specials on Yelp and Groupon – once a month
  10. . Write thank you notes at least once a quarter to your clients
  11.   Ask your clients for referrals – call and say hi, let them know you care
  12.   Go back to the top and do it again.

I learned years ago at an marketing training, that with consistency and persistency one can achieve pretty much anything, BUT consistency and persistency is the important ingredient. That is what Presidential candidates do. They update their blogs consistently, they tweet on a regular basis, they keep the information coming and keep their candidates top of mind.

This week, read Chellie Campbells Book The Wealthy Spirit

See ya….

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