Most small business owners  really want a website for only one reason;  to make the phone ring!

For the last 8+ years we have been building websites for Main street USA class businesses.  Our ideal clients are Building Contractors, Plumbers, or  retail shopkeepers, and even professionals like CPA’s, and Lawyers.    The thing we have learned is  the owners of businesses like these do not really want a flashy, expensive, website designed to win a prize, or create a fan base.  These business owners really want a website that will make the phone ring steadily with new prospective clients. 

For the last 8+ years we have been studying the best and most efficient way to create a website for a local business that will achieve this goal in the most effective and affordable way.   Social Cindy has cracked the code.

Your website has just about 5 seconds to attract and hold a visitor’s interest. 

In order to provide a steady stream of new prospects for your business, a website must do two things very well.

  1. Your website design must fight for visibility in search results when your client is “Googling” what they need.
  2. Your website design must create a great first impression within moments.  

Social Cindy website designs accomplish those two goals in the most affordable way possible.  Call us today at (772) 410 8108.

We combine creativity, and intuition, with the best technology to “showcase” your message and make your business phone ring.

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